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Whether you’re planning a fall foliage tour, a tour of Revolutionary War sites, or a visit to the Berkshires, you’ll need an operator’s license. If, on the other hand, you’re planning to drive commercially, you’ll need a commercial driver’s license (CDL). Before you can get a driver’s license, a motorcycle license, or a motorcycle endorsement, you must first obtain the corresponding type of learner’s permit. And the first step to obtaining a learner’s permit is to pass a written learner’s permit exam. Here you can find the RMV manuals you should study and practice tests you should take to help you prepare. Our practice tests include hundreds of questions that are based on the RMV manuals and resemble those on the official learner’s permit exams. We’ve even created some marathon practice tests to get you fully prepped and ready to pass your permit exam.

Driving in the bay state has been known to be a hassle, but getting your Massachusetts commercial driver’s license (CDL) can be easy. So whether taking baked beans to Boston or clams out to the cape, we’ve got you covered. Most commercial driver’s will require a Medical Certificate and to pay testing fees of $30 for the written exam and $35 for the road test. Then they face exams and skills tests for A, B or C class vehicles with questions and skills tests. Endorsements for passenger and school busses, doubles/triples, tank vehicles, hazardous materials, or air brake restriction removal each have their own exam, many with skills tests as well. The good news is our prep tests can prepare you with questions and strategies that come directly from the RMV exams. Start preparing with our practice tests below!

Questions on official test: 25
Available languages: 34
Test time (minutes): 25
Days to re-take if you fail: 0
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Massachusetts Driver’s License & Permit FAQ

How Can I Apply for my MA Driver’s License? Frequently Asked Questions

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  • What age can I apply for my permit in Mass.?

    You must be at least 16 or older in order to apply for a permit in Massachusetts.
  • What papers do I need to bring when applying for my license in Massachusetts?

    There is a short list of documents that you must bring with you when you apply for your license. The RMV has a wonderful interactive feature online at that allows you to check the items you have within their system before arriving to see whether they are acceptable.
    You should be able to provide at least 3 identification documents such as:

    A document containing your signature:
    • U.S. or non-U.S. passport with your picture and signature on it
    • Current MA learner’s permit, MA license, or MA ID card
    • Out-of-state license with photo and signature
    • U.S. military or military dependent ID with picture and signature
    • Social Security Card
    A document proving you are a Massachusetts resident:
    • MA learner’s permit, MA license, or MA ID card
    • A utility bill no more than 60 days old that has your name and address
    • Tuition bill or student loan coupons, with your address, and no older than 12 months old
    • Original school transcript with your name and address on it no older than 12 months old
    • Original letter signed by the principal or headmaster of a MA college or high school on the school’s letterhead saying you are a resident and includes your name and birth day no older than 12 months old.
    • Medicaid award letter no older than 6 months old
    • Cell phone, credit card, doctor, or hospital bill sent inside the last 60 days
    • Notarized statement from parent/legal guardian that says you currently live with them.
    A document proving your date of birth:
    • A U.S. or non-U.S. passport with picture
    • Current MA learner’s permit, MA license, or MA ID card
    • Original birth certificate issued in the U.S. or its territories
    • Certified Court document that has a raised court seal and includes your full name and date of birth
    • Original letter signed by the principal or headmaster of a MA college or high school on the school’s letterhead that includes your name and birth day
  • Where do I apply for my driver’s license in MA?

    It’s simple to apply for your driver’s license; just go to any RMV branch to begin!
  • How do I contact the nearest MA RMV office?

    MA RMV branches can be contacted Monday through Friday 9:00am until 5:00pm. The RMV call center’s number is 617-351-4500 for area codes 339/617/781/857. All other area codes may contact 1-800-858-3926. The RMV can also be reached online at Locate your nearest RMV branch here.
  • Who needs to bring me for my permit test in MA?

    Your sponsor should bring you. A qualifying sponsor could be a parent, legal guardian, spouse, driving instructor or responsible licensed driver age 21 or older.
  • Is a physical required to get a permit in MA?

    No physical is required in order to get a permit, however, if you have a medical condition you must report it to the RMV office. The RMV Medical Affairs Branch will decide on a case by case basis if a restriction should be put on your license based on what you and your physician report. A restriction could be something like “Day Light Driving Only”. Another example would be if you needed corrected lenses to pass the vision test, your license would indicate “Corrective Lenses” restrictions.
  • Is a vision test required when applying for a Massachusetts driver’s license?

    Yes, a vision test is required when applying for a license in Massachusetts. The RMV clerk will test your vision acuity, color vision and peripheral vision. You are required to get a 20/40 on acuity and are encouraged to wear glasses or contacts if that is what you normally wear. Massachusetts will accept an RMV Vision Screening Certificate from your ophthalmologist or optometrist. The Vision Screening Certificate can be downloaded on the RMV website at
  • Where can I get a photo for my MA driver’s license taken?

    Massachusetts will only allow you to have your photo taken at the RMV office. The RMV wants to ensure that you are the actual person in the photograph. Your face must be clearly visible. No hats, scarves, veils, glasses, sunglasses, or caps can be worn. Scarves and caps may be allowed if it is for religious purposes.
  • What colors should I avoid wearing when taking picture for my license?

    There are no colors you should avoid. Wear what ever color you like!
  • Do I need to put up hair when taking driver’s license photo?

    You may wear your hair the same way you would normally wear it; however, it should not be covering your face or your eyes. The purpose of the photo is to be able to identify who you really are. Besides, you would not want to hide that amazing face!
  • What make-up to wear when I get my MA driver’s license picture taken?

    Wear your normal make-up; however, the less make-up the better. As long as you are not wearing so much make-up to where you are unrecognizable, you will be fine!
  • Why is it best not to smile when taking your drivers license picture?

    Some states are moving towards face recognition technology that will be able to uniquely identify each individual. A straight face on the photo helps distinguish who you really are. This is all in an effort to stop fraud.
  • What are some tips for getting the best out of the driver’s license picture?

    Look straight into the camera and keep a calm and relaxed face!
  • I have already applied for my Mass. license, what do I do next?

    After you have successfully applied for your Mass. License you will receive your permit. From this point, you should be preparing yourself for the road test. You do this by…
    • Successfully completing an RMV approved driver education and training program, which includes 30 hours of classroom instruction; 12 hours of in-car, behind-the-wheel training; and 6 hours of in-car experience observing other student drivers.
    • Completing at least 40 hours of supervised behind-the-wheel driving.
  • I have a question that’s not answered above. What do I do?

    If you need any further assistance, you’re welcome to contact us directly at
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Here’s What Other Learners from MA are Saying:

"Took it today I passed 22/25. I recommend using the DMV genie app and this website, I only studied last night and this morning while waiting for the test. PRO TIP: Review child safety, limits and fines, and anything relating to alchahol they almost killed me"

Wilders Pierre, TechBoston Academy, MA

"Make sure you study the Fines and Penalties section, as 8 new questions were added to the MA RMV Permit exam in 2015, and you WILL fail if you don't study that section."

Jeremy Rys, Boston, MA

"I have been studying every weekend after work on this website. I also read the drivers manual and did some practice tests along the way. I failed a few of them, but that did not stop me from passing them. I just kept on studying until I passed every test even the hardest ones. This website is amazing and it has a lot of useful information. It's great and I recommend it to everyone. Take the information seriously and you will succeed each step of the way."

Arnold B., Worcester, MA

"Just took it, got 23/25 in not even a whole 5 minutes! Highly recommend!"

Vanessa U., Springfield, MA

"Went a few hours ago to take my test, I was so nervous but thankfully I passed with 24/25. These tests helped me a lot but to be honest the questions are not very much different. A few like asking about the fine for children not wearing seatbelts, ages a child should wear a seatbelt, signs and a few others as well were the only different ones I had on my test. But keep in mind almost every test will be different so definitely do the fines practice tests. I finished my permit exam in less than 6 minutes."

Lyz Beatriz L., Cambridge, MA

"I took the test today and passed, I literally knew every single question on that test, I looked around thinking to myself, Are they serious?! lol, If you want to pass, these practice tests will help for sure!"

J RaWw R., Lowell, MA

"These practice tests really covered everything that the permit test asked me! Super helpful!"

Shani Wolfson, MA

"Thanks a lot I decided to take the test two days back. I skimmed the manual and took all your tests. Passed with 75% score. Thank you. The design of the tests is pretty similar to the actual test and has been very helpful."

Rohit M, MA

"I took my exam today. This site is amazing. Just do the test and write down your errors. Then try to read the manual and read carefully those pages that you had incorrect answer on."

Aria S, MA

"This site is amazing, I took my test today and everything went well thanks to this amazing site. Thank you so much guys for creating it. Keep it up."

Cool Black, MA

"SO helpful ! I took the test today and only got 2 wrong. A lot of the questions were almost identical to the ones on here! Between this site and skimming the manual, the test was cake. Thanks!!!"

Selina, MA

"I went for my test on Monday and I only read 5 pages of the book. I looked online for a easier and faster way to learn and came upon this dandy website. It was the best thing ever and I passed while the two other people in the room with me that day failed. Also I was the first one in my family that had passed on their first try."

Mary Nsubuga, MA

"Very very helpful!!! I passed the MA RMV Learner's Permit Test with flying colors because of this (got 24/25 in <10 minutes) I would recommend using this as most of the questions here are similar to the the questions from the actual exam. This is very informative and an easy way to study aside from the Manual. I am super thankful for having this! ~ keep sharing pls."

Maria Rabin, MA

"I usually don't write reviews but this website saved my life! I took all 6 tests twice and concentrated more on JOL fine questions (there is a separate test for that on this website) since I am from MA, we tend to get more of those ones. I passed with 90%. The questions were more about fines and JOL limitations,a few about signs and a couple just random. If you also go through the book, that would be a plus plus! This website has more than 80% of the exact questions that come up on your test which is enough to pass.PLEASE use it!! Goodluck everyone."

Alina M, Massachusetts

"I passed today with 22/25 in MA. More than 90% of the questions were based on Fines/Suspension/JOL/Alcohol, only few questions were based on rules of the road."

Vivian B, Massachusetts

"Thank you so much!!! I passed my permit test today on the first try scoring a 23/25."

Ashlai Braxton, Massachusetts

"It was awesome, thanks for the help because I did it!"

Christian Belizaire, Massachusetts

"After reading over the information in the driver's manual I wanted to try some practice tests as review material. After a quick search I ended up here, and definitely wasn't disappointed! I took all of the tests over the course of a few days and recently went to take the real exam. I flew through it in only a few minutes since everything was clicking so well (even most of the fines and limits questions) and passed. Would highly recommend this site for reviewing prior to taking the test, it helped me quite a bit!"

Gilbert D., Massachusetts

"Excellent preparation for the Mass Motorcycle test. Make sure to you have fines and suspension part covered very well. I scored 23/35. 2 questions wrong were 1. Where to dispose the oil/transmission fluid after oil change 2. Amount (in oz) of alcohol present in 12oz of beer/ 4oz of whiskey. Good luck !!"

Pratik M, Massachusetts

"This site rocks I passed I only got 2 wrong out 25!! This the best site to study for the dmr!!!"

Jose Pedro, Mass.

"The practice permit tests were a great help to me. I passed 3 of them and the real one. I think everyone should take advantage of them."

Jesse Lafleur, Mass.

"This site, in addition to making me well prepared, gave me the full confidence to appear for the permit test. Thank you !"

Ajit Basrur, MA

"I took the class in December. I tried the driver’s manual and found myself getting bored quickly and the material just wouldn’t stick. Then, my parents found this site, and it worked! I took my permit test today and out of 25 I only got 3 wrong. Even on some of the questions I truly didn’t know this site had taught me to think relationally. This site works, the tests work! This site is amazing!"

Nate Barr, Massachusetts

"Just came back from RMV passed my permit got 2 wrong... got a lot of questions for fines and penalties! This site helped me out a lot."

Shay Morale, Massachusetts

"After I tested myself on the five practice test and the marathon it helped me to get my permit, I went the very next day and I got it. Thanks to now I’m going for my road test… Thanks a lot!"

Anthony Phim, Massachusetts

"Thank You Soooo Much For This Website. I Got 24/25 Right Thanks To You."

Oliver Klozoff, Massachusetts

"I would like to say thank you sooo much to I passed my real test today. Thank you."

Asha Ali, Mass

"I passed the test but would have done better if I'd studied the fines and limits section. I skipped it, thinking that the majority of questions would be about actual driving situations, wrong! I had to guess at all of them. There were several questions about junior operators too. This is a great web-site but the distribution of question types did not reflect the actual percentage of question types on the real test."

Jeffrey McKinney, Massachusetts

"I passed the real test today!!! Thank you"

Alex Silva, Massachusetts
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